Nürburgring (9 August 2003)
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Bloody hot is what it was. It was also Helen's introduction to the Ring. The way we went about that was simple: we did a Euan by driving straight onto the track upon arrival. As with any first lap of the day I took it easy: the SquealMobile only gave some tiny squeals of delight. Impressive to see how much of an impression the Ring can make on those who've never been on it.

A group of Ringers had appropriated some chairs in the shade in a corner of the parking lot. Sir and Lady B., TrRRish, Tom, Ben, Birgit, and quite a few others I'm sure, but I was too lazy to take notes.

After some relaxing in the shade we drove to Brünnchen to do some leisurely spectating and to take some pictures. Of course the track was closed for a long time shortly after we arrived. In the heat it was very pleasurable to sit in the shade and enjoy the quiet countryside.

Deserted track

Despite the relative lack of traffic (I guess most people couldn't be bothered to go out in the heat) we were suitably entertained. Some notable passers-by: a Porsche-engined VW Transporter, a Lamborghini, Johan honking at some bikers, Euan in the freshly washed Tank overtaking 50 people in one go despite a bit more bodyroll than he's used to now, a sharp-looking Dutch 964 with Big Reds, a silver Noble, and Stephane Clepkens driving Job's Golf.

VW powered by Porsche VW powered by Porsche Yellow Porsche Lamborghini Lamborghini Johan Euan Euan Dutch 964 with Big Reds Noble Stephane in Job's Golf

Then, of course when I was looking the other way, a GT3 went through Brünnchen II deliberately sideways. Not something you see everyday, a GT3 doing Sabine-like powerslides. The first pic is not very good, but the second pic shows clearly that his exit is somewhat unconvential :)

Sideways GT3 Sideways GT3

Our spectating sting was rounded off by Tom and a biker who pulled a Jocke-like wheelie.

Tom Wheelying bike

After some drinks from the cooler it was time to do some more laps. First I went out for a couple of very enjoyable passenger laps with Keith. Then, just as I went to the SquealMobile to finish off the day with some squealing the track closed again. And didn't open afterwards. A bit of a bummer, particularly because the laps with Keith made me want to do some more driving myself. Instead of that we all moved to the Fuchsröhre for the usual Ringers dinner where a good time was had by all.

The full set of pictures can be found here.