Australia 2001 - Part 2

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On day three it was time for Carnarvon Gorge. On the way down we had to decide: according to the map there were two roads, both unpaved. We chose the wrong one. It got us there, but it required a bit of skill not get stuck in a two-wheel drive car. On the way back we took the other road, the vast majority of which had been paved sometime after our map had been drawn. Anyway, the last bit of road to the Gorge is not paved, sometimes quite steep, and very entertaining in a normal car. The first two things to be spotted after parking the car were a kangaroo (or a wallaby, by the looks of it) and a Coke machine. Perfect :) There is a small stream that meanders through the Gorge, so walking down the Gorge requires numerous crossings.

The two pictures below form one of the better illustrations of why I carry a polarizer filter. The picture on the left was taken without the polarizer, the one on the right with polarizer.

On the walk back to the car I spotted a spider preparing for dinner.

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