New York, May 2001

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Day 2

The second day started with somewhat better weather.

The program for day 2 was very simple: go see the New York Yankees! I had arranged the tickets through the Internet, and we collected them long before the match started at the 'will call' window.

I was quite surprised to find a Yankees fan advertising my favourite editor, Vim.

As we were early, we decided to walk around Yankee Stadium before finding our places.

Once inside the stadium we found our places and settled in. Because we were early, things were still kind of quiet.

After a little while the ground crew started preparing the playing field.

Then the players and the fans started warming up.

Of course, no sports match in the USA can take place without a Hammond organ.

A few latecomers are looking for their places.

Two experts discuss the prospects for both teams.

Eating starts before the first ball is thrown.

The players take their positions and the national anthem is played.

Play ball!

Time for some more snacks.

Meanwhile the action continues, ...

resulting in a hit to right field.

All this action causes more food consumption, ...

... even before the first point of the game is scored by the Yankees.

A catch in left field ends the inning.

Jeter has at least one enthousiastic fan among the crowd.

The referees have a little chat, and the billboard has a greeting specially for us. I didn't take pictures of similar messages to a couple of dozen other 'special' groups. Nice gesture though.

High five for number 18. He scored a point.

Time for a break: the 7th inning shuffle. The groundsmen sweep the field (and perform a little dance).

Imagine a soccer fan would wear a shirt like this at a game in the direct vicinity of the opposing team's fans. Chances are the guy (and his t-shirt) wouldn't last 2 minutes. Question: is America more violent than Europe?

A hitter is called out, swings and misses, hits a wild ball that's caught almost in the dugout...

... which makes the crowd thirsty.

Number 35 of the Red Sox doesn't make it to home in time.

Activity in the bull pen.

Catcher and pitcher have a little conference.

At the end of the game the billboard shows how many people passed the gates.

After the game we went to Central Park. Partly on the subway to somewhere in the middle of Harlem, continuing on foot from there. The scenery in that neighborhoud isn't much to write home about. It does give a strange feeling to be the only two white guys on the street, though.

The transition from Harlem to Central Park is amazing. In Harlem I didn't exactly feel threatened, but just crossing the street and entering Central Park raised my comfort level enormously :-)

At this little waterfall we had a little chat with a weird, thoroughly stoned fellow with a mountainbike. He did manage to explain which way we should go, though :)

Local police transport didn't conform to my preconception of big American cars. They might come in handy to chase chipmunks, though ;-)

Someone is always close by in New York.

The novelty of my friend's new gadget hasn't worn off yet.

It takes a bit of walking around, but then you can find some nice skylines.

We exited Central Park near one of Donald Trump's buildings. He must have some bigger ones somewhere. Probably. Maybe.

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