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As most links pages, this is is under continuous contruction, a bit like the roads in the Netherlands. If you're interested in links that are specific to the Porsche 964, check out the links page on my Porsche site.

I've started a little collections of oneliners at my blog.


Vim: The most powerful editor in the world. Not for WYSIWYG-weenies though ;)
VI lovers homepage: All you never wanted to know about the granddaddy of text editors, VI


Garmin: Lots of nice gadgets here.
OziExplorer: Moving map software to go with your GPS receiver. Scan your own maps.


Linn: You love it or you hate it. I love it.
Avalon Acoustics: Fantastic speakers. Outstanding build quality. Marvellous sound. Bit pricey though :(
Mark Levinson: Hard to go wrong with Mark Levinson equipment.
MIT cables: Interconnects, speaker wire. From affordable to bloody expensive and beyond.


Ton Koopman: Organ player, harpsichord player, conductor. Warmly recommended if you like baroque music.
Walter Trout: the best guitar player in the world :)
Anouk: Great music.


Seems that these days (2007) few people can be bothered to put together a half-decent website: the vast majority uses blogging. Don't get me wrong: I like blogs, but making content available on multiple subjects in an organised way isn't their cup of tea.

Jocke Selin: Wheelying geek and website building guru.
Sven van de Riet: Brilliant website from an ex-colleague of mine. I haven't quite figured out what it's about yet, but if you want innovation, he's your man.
Ben Lovejoy: Ringer and Gadgeteer par excellence.


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