Minolta Equipment Batteries

Body or MeterBatteries
Dynax/Maxxum AF Bodies
All except 505si & XTsi1 x 2CR5
Dynax 5, 505si, XTsi2 x CR2
Dynax 7 and 9 body2 x CR123A
VC-700 and VC-800 grips4 x AA or 1 x 2CR5
VC-7 and VC-9 grips4 x AA or (1 x 2CR5 and/or 1 x CR123A)
Original AF Bodies
90002 x AA
7000 & 5000 with original battery holder4 x AAA
7000 & 5000 with optional BH-70L4 x AA
XM, XE-1, XE-5, XD-7, XD-5, XG-1, XG-2, XG-9, XGM, X-9
X-300, x-300s, X320s, X-500, X-700
2 x EPX-76 or 2 x 10L14
SRT-101, 100, 202, 303, 100x, 101b, 303b, SR7, SR1 Meter1 x PX625
Vectis APS Bodies
S-1, S-1002 x CR2
402 x CR2
300, 30, 25, 200, 20, 10, UC, Weathermatic, GX variants1 x CR2
Himatic Compacts and Earlier Rangefinder Bodies
Minolta AL-F, AL-E, Himatic 7, 7s, 9 and 111 x PX625
Himatic 7S-II, 5, G, G2, C1 x PX675
Himatic E, F1 x PX640
Himatic S, S2, GF, AF, AF2, AF2M2 x AA
Minolta CLE (Leica M lensmount)2 x 10L14 or EPX-76
AF and Focus-free Compacts (modern)
140EX, 135EX, 105EX, Panorama Zoom 282 x CR123A
90EX, 70C, Weathermatic DL1 x DL223A
115EX, 75W, 70W, 70EX, RZ 70, Pcio, Mini, Panorama1 x CR123A
105i, 90C, Twin 28, AF Zoom 65, AF Zoom 90, AF Tele Super1 x 2CR5
AF5, 100AF, AF35EX, AF35, AF35C, Riva 352 x AA
AF-101R, AF-20R, F-10/BF, C-10, Memory Maker2 x AA
FS-E, FS-EII, FS-35, AF-E2 x AA
AF-C4 x 10L14
AF-T2 x AA or DL223A
AF-Z, AF-EII, AF-DL, AF Tele 60, AF-SP4 x AAA or DL223A
TC-11 x CR123A
Digital Cameras
Dimâge V4 x AA
RD-1751 x 2CR5
Exposure Meters
Flashmeter V, Autometer IV F, Spotmeter F1 x AA
Flashmeter IV1 x AA and 1 x PX28
Autometer IIIF, III and II, Spotmeter M1 x PX28
Colormeter II, Flashmeter II1 x MN1604
Flashmeter III6 x 10L14
Booster II1 x PX28
Viewmeter 91 x 1.35v mercury cell: PX1 or RM1


PX625 and other PX- type button batteries, as used in many older manual focus SLRs, contain mercury and slowly being outlawed around the world for obvious environmental reasons. A possible solution is the "air cell", made by Wein in the USA. Ask for WeinCell MRB625 (to replace a PX625), MRB675 (PX675) or MRB400 (PX400).

Some discontinued AF bodies use a separate internal button battery to provide memory backup for settings, etc. Although they last a long time, they do eventually need replacing. The individual requirements of these particualr bodies are not listed in the table above, but I would be glad to add them.

Avoid the cheap types of button cells made for "virtual pets" or market-stall watches. They are not the same as those intended for photographic use: their output voltage varies underload and this will lead to incorrect meter readings.

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